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  • Indiana University – School of Optometry

Jenna Treiber, O.D.

Dr. Jenna Treiber, O.D., was born in Korea and moved to the US at age 4 ½ to a tiny farming town in western WA State. Her dream as a kid was to be a musician and she decided to study flute performance and piano in undergrad. After studying abroad and teaching in Russia, she happened upon a job as an ophthalmic tech which, fortuitously, led her to pursue Optometry in Indiana.

After school, she accepted a job in Tucson, having never been there, nor knowing anyone, and packed her car to sunny Arizona. She met her husband (a HS English teacher) and after getting engaged, left to travel for a year. Some memorable moments include trekking in Nepal, volunteering in India, scuba diving in Thailand and Borneo, rock climbing in Thailand, volunteering in Kenya and Kenyan safari, getting Dengue fever, hiking to the top of Mt Fuji in the middle of the night, sand dunes in Oman…amongst others. In her spare time she enjoys biking, hiking, backpacking/camping, rock climbing, cooking, playing piano and flute, yoga, traveling, napping, and eating the stinkiest/spiciest food.

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